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What are You Truly Passionate About?

Are you feeling a bit stuck?  Not quite sure what you REALLY like, want to do with your life or even what makes you the happiest? Here's a link to a great little brainstorming page:  Find Your Passion   And remember, we facilitate Empowerment Sessions, Workshops and Retreats!

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Talents that Show Up Later

So, if you're thinking you're getting a 'late start' or that time has passed you by...consider this: Anna Mary Robertson Moses, aka: “Grandma” Moses (1860-1961) started painting in her seventies. For the majority of her life, she and her husband raised a family of 10 children, five of whom would survive infancy. It was during… Continue reading Talents that Show Up Later

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Changing Habits

Identification and and short-circuiting of the “cue-routine-reward” loop with habitual behaviors and reflexive responses isn't always as easy as it seems... Research has isolated three components of every habit: The behavior you want to change.  This is also known as the Routine The trigger --the Cue--that sets off the behavior What you want to get… Continue reading Changing Habits