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Stop Wishing, Start Doing

Accept yourself for who and what you are. If you decide to make changes in your life, do so because you decide to, not someone else.

    Stand up for what you believe in. You are your own best champion, so put on your superhero cape and greet the world with flair.

    There are times when life won’t seem fair, but it’s how you learn and grow from those experiences that matters.

Even on dreary days, it’s possible to create your own sunshine.

    Never say “never.” The Universe may respond with, “Oh, yeah? Watch this!”

    Respect yourself at all times. When you find yourself struggling to do so,

mentally sing the song “Respect” with the power and passion of Aretha Franklin.

    Have the courage to live your passion but that won’t happen by hitting the snooze button. Live boldly!

    Stop wishing. Start doing. It’s just that simple. Elaine Meyer, Editor in Chief – Daily Word Magazine